Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beer can chicken

It wasn't the big blowout I wanted for the end of summer, just a chicken and some brisket that wife made in a slow cooker (good, but no comparison to a smoked 6-pounder). It was a beautiful day however, made better by great weather and homemade blueberry-vodka spiked frozen lemonade. Also, I spent two hours on Saturday cleaning out the 620 gas grill. Many parts are beyond ever getting really clean, but for the first time I paid close attention to the burner tubes. No more orange flames or clogged holes, though I was surprised it seemed to take longer to get up to temperature the first time on. Not so the second time. Most importantly, I remembered to turn off the gas and unhook the line *first*.





Self portrait - getting my art on.


Lime butter for the corn, nicely warmed on the side burner, which I have come to love.


C'mon - what are summer cookouts without corn?





My last two Saturday's in September are wide open. Smoked brisket will be had. I think I have to try our some pork shoulder too. I'm much more amenable to long BBQ days when it's not in the 80's or 90's.


Mike said...

Ahhh....it all looks so good. Especially that corn! Wonderful stuff there!

dustin said...

Thanks! Turns out the corn was considered a little overdone, but the vodka took care of that on my end.

http://feedingjason.blogspot.com/ said...

OMG! I've never thought of lime butter! Genius! Thanks for that post!

dustin said...

Hey, thanks! It was actually a mostly lime flavored spread that I added to the butter. I think. Definitely more than just lime juice and butter. Turned out great though, and even better with some lime pepper added with some salt.