Monday, November 10, 2008

Start 'em early

Homemade chicken nuggets on a Jack-and-daddy night.

DSC03923 (Large)

DSC03927 (Large)

DSC03930 (Large)

OK, two things dad needs to work on: pan-frying and flash photography. They actually didn't burn, but I should have flattened the cutlets first - and the parmesan we added to the bread crumbs fried pretty dark. Stir fried soy green beans and cucumbers in an improvised vinegar/chili oil/sugar sauce turned out much better.


John and Lisa Howard-Fusco said...

Always good to get the kids in the kitchen and cooking with you. - John

dustin said...

Totally agreed. Jack is a great eater and try-er, and we've finally weaned him off of having his own dinner made for him... not that he *never* ate what we did, but it certainly makes things easier. Has the new addition popped out yet?